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Stalling on Low RPM's

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Just wondering If you have any ideas what could be causing my bike to be stalling when I have the clutch pulled in? Im not sure if its a jetting problem or not.

It was fine until I adjusted my clutch so it was not sticking out so far and I could grapple it easier.

Just trying to look for some clues so I dont spend all day tomorrow trying to figure it out...

Its an 07 yz125 .. all stock, apart from some unbreakable levers...

I dont know if this is normal but when I was getting into high revs in gear 1 and 2 it felt like I was chopping the throttle on and off. Im hoping it is not the rev limiter... becuase I swear I have ridden it harder than that before and it has not done it..

while I am here I may as well ask.. How hot is your radiator ment to get? Because I can feel mine pretty easy through my pants. I have some of those heat stickers coming soon too, so if you know the actual temp that would be cool too :banana:

Cheers for any advice though!

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