Please help me!

I've been desperatly trying to purchase my 36 size black MSR ISDE gore tex pants from a US deaaler because they are way too expensive here in Canada but I have found no solution...

I succeeded to buy my jacket at Global Moto Outlet for 280$ and they were very very helpful to me. Unfortunately, they had no pants left. The Motorcycle USA Superstore does not ship to Canada by usps (UPS shipping only with all the brokerage fees across the border).

Does some of you know other online stores that could sell and ship those MSR pants.


You can ship it to a friend in usa, then he send it to you writing lower value on the package, and you save customs fees...

Yeah, I can't figure this NAFTA crap out either... Is it just intended to save big corps big bucks and screw us cross-border buyers or what? It is either free trade or it isn't! Stupid politicians... :)

Unfortunately, chapparal is not selling the ISDE Pants

I finaly asked a friend in the US like Sabin suggested

Thanks for the advises

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