Kickstart Repair

Hello, I have a 2001 wr426 the kickstart works but flops out when riding, can I buy a repair kit or will I have to buy a new one, has anybody had this problem and what did you do to repair it. Thanks Jez6968:moon:

take your kicker apart and clean everything

See the little spring? Go to the home depot and get a matching spring in the specialty parts draws. Get one just little longer

Grease it up and put it back together

If that doesnt work I may have a kicker for that bike somewhere

Once the aluminum kick lever is badly worn there is little you can do for a permanent repair. My advice is to buy a new kick starter and save the worn one for a spare.

Thanks for the help everybody, took the kick start to bits replaced spring and bearing, cleaned it all up and is now working much better. Thanks everybody Jez...... In the UK a new kickstart is £172 inc vat. Bearing £0.11p and spring £ 0.74p good cheap fix

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