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TTR50E Starting Problem

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Hello from Down Under!

I have a problem with my sons TTR50E.

Whilst riding recently he put in down. After that it was blowing some smoke and running rough so I pulled it up and found that the airbox had filled with oil.

I removed the airbox and cleaned it up and since it was due a service also cleaned the filter and drained the oil and replaced.

Now it wont start! When I turn on the key and the kill switch all I get is a clicking noise which I believe is coming from the starter solenoid located behind the battery on the frame. Pulled the carby off and gave it a clean and cleaned the petcock. Still nothing.

I am not even getting a spark from the plug? Put on the spare plug that we carry..still nothing??

I had this problem recently on my WR450F and found it was a dead battery. Replaced the battery and it started straight away! So I bought a new battery for the 50 and still clicking and no spark?

Have visually checked the wiring and also the fuse on the battery and all seems OK.

Can anyone help? I am loath to take it to the dealer and get charge $70 per hour for something simple!!


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