please tell me i didn't blow her up

Alright so i changed my oil and the oil filter today, checked everything to see if it was tight, and cracked open the bolt on the oil line, to see if i had pressure, which i did. So after that i started her up and looked down at the pipe, and it was red hot, coming off the head. I can't start it now either.Maybe i just have never seen the pipe in a dim light , i don't know.. Let me know what you guys think.. Help me out

Mine glows everytime. Change the plug.

Read NEW OWNERS PLEASE READ! , 6th topic down on the board.

The red is normal, and mine took a (whole) lot of kicking to get him going after my first 2 oil changes and both air filter cleanings. I haven't figured out the trick yet, but holding in the lever and kicking it through a bunch of times then futzing with the hot start got mine going eventually. You didn't break anything. Then again, I speak with all of three weeks' experience myself...

The WR's are often very difficult to start immediately after you've installed a freshly oiled air filter. Give it 12 hours and it will start up right away.

As an FYI, oil a second air filter in advance and keep in in a plastic bag if you wish to just switch and go. Otherwise, on the off chance you do get it started immediately, you run the risk of sucking air filter oil into the carb - a messy proposition to be sure.

Hope this helps

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