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Crf250 rebuild, started 2 times and now won't start again

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I have a 04' crf250 i just rebuilt, had the valves, guides seats and all that done at max power, bought a new clyinder and piston from cylinder works. Put it all back togather checked the valves and timed it. It stared on the 2nd kick then i shut it down after i seen that it ran to but the plastics and seat back on it. I started it again after i got it all back 2gather it ran for a min and died, but i had an old plug in it. I put a new plug in it and it would not start anymore so i ripped it back down and checked the timing again it was a tooth off, so i corrected it again. But it still won't start. Does the ignition timing mark only turn 1 time 4 every crank mark then line up the top. This i did not ever check the ignition timing. so maybe i could be 180 out. But if so y would it have started so good and fast? What should i check?

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