07 WR 450 Valve Breather blow off?

I was out riding yesterday and i started smelling hot oil. Looked down and my left boot was covered in spray and the entire engine was covered in oil. The breather on top of the head (it is silver and looks like it just pops in to the head) had popped up letting a bunch of oil by. I've never had this problem before so I popped it back into place. Rode it for a bit with no issues and low and behold it popped back out. I was about 5 minutes from home so I rode it to the house, about 500 feet out it felt like it was bogging really badly so I put it in 1st and babied it in (felt like it was making about half power) any input or ideas? I haven't had the chance to break anything down yet...

Is your breather system modified, because on an unmodified WR the breather fitting on the top of the valve cover connects to a hose that runs back to the airbox and along the way there is a tee fitting which runs another hose down to the starter drive housing. There should have been oil in your airbox too, if the fitting blew out.... did you happen to plug one of the breather hoses by ziptying something to it which would plug it? Did something come apart in the engine to push the fitting out of the valve cover? Get some pics and post them, as this sounds like an interesting issue to find a solution for. WR Dave

Sounds like maybe a hose is plugged up creating pressure.

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