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Honda XR400 Stock Carb Rebuild Kits?

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OK, pulled my existing carb off my '97 XR400, soaked it, cleaned it, and re-assembled it. Still running rough, but need to tune my idle/pilot screw to clean that up (found good tips on doing that here). Assuming I need to replace carb parts, where's the best place to get a carb rebuild kit for the stock carb? I've googled and not found any hits so I'll ask here. I'm not looking for jets, those are easy to find. Main concern is is that I am not sure if I've lost the o-ring on the pilot screw or not. Also the vacume diaphram if it is holed after all this time, etc, etc.

If the cost and scarcity of parts make it not worth the effort, the Mikuni at XRsOnly is a great option as well (yes I know it's the better way to go but wanted to find out about rebuilding what I have first); let me know and I'll abandon the attempt.

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