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tusk fender pack on the bike and attack grahpics

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i got my fender pack today and put it on! I put some tools, gloves, and leavers in it!



i also got my new front tire today it is a kenda track master!



and i got my attack graphics! tomorrow i am taking them to work to get my boss to put them on for me


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you prolly won like the trak master front tire very much, unless your coming off the oem pirelli as anything is better than those.

I ran a trak master once when i was in a pinch and it was all i could get, i bought it on a saturday rode on sunday then i removed the tire and bought a new one on monday lol. I really didnt like it but i was coming off of maxxis it

I do however plan on reinstalling it when i plate my 230 for the road as it is DOT approved.

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