Mr. Greg Church aka Airstyle ripped me off. I want compensation.

I’ve had it up to here. I’ve been pretty patient with Mr. Greg Church. His nick is Airstyle. Early this year, I placed an ad at TT wanting to buy helmets. He offered me a Shoei VFX-R (Doug Henry replica). I negotiated a price on which he agreed. We agreed on USPS to ship and payment was made for shipping accordingly.

He has taken my money (US$166.25). Payment by Pay Pal. He made me wait 3 months for a delivery of a helmet and yet till date I have seen nothing. That makes it 4 months to date. I am from so Singapore so I can’t call him up as and when I please so e-mail is the main method of communication. Communication was fine at first until he got the money. After that, he replied my mails once a week or so. Even then the contents never answered my queries. He claims that he is full of integrity and has closed a few deals at Thumpertalk and all. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited. Firstly he claims that United States Postal Service returned his parcel and had to resend it. Fine, second time round, he was way too busy finding a new job but has made enquiries to use another courier service. He never once mentioned to me who this so-called courier was or the tracking or whatever. So I waited some more. Lastly, he pissed someone off on the board when he took that guys money and did not send out the items as promised. That guy complained to Pay Pal who went and froze his account. He goes crazy over that. He then replies my PM at TT and says that i shouldn’t shoot my mouth off the board and my opinions are cheap and don’t matter. He says I should have called but he assumes I was cheap and gutless. Plus he says that his old mail account was full or no longer valid due to some other story he has. Just like one of his many other stories. He even said that the so-called shipping company lost his helmet. Oh yeah, and he can’t send my out by Pay Pal. Instead he says he sent my money out and I’ll get it when I get it. WHAT? How did he send it out and when? He never answered my questions and this is just another example.

I hope anyone who knows him or can get a hold of him can tell him off. I’ll repost his details soon.

I have my opinions and in my opinion, Mr. Greg, you are not as professional as you claim you are. You jus ripped me off and even have the audacity to tell me off about it. Under no circumstance have you honored your part of the bargain/deal and yet you slander me with your words. I have tried countless ways to mail you and have given you more than ample time. Everyone I have dealt with from TT has been honorable and has stood by their word. You on the other hand did not. I just want my money back, after which I’ll get off your case.

I expect to see this kind of crap on EBay, not TT.

I hope it works out for you.

...So Airstyle, wheres your side of the story? This oughta get interesting.... :)

Oddly enough, Airstyle is a cop. :D He also hasn't posted since April 13 2003. :D :D What up wit dat? :D :D :D I would like to see a retort of some kind too. :D Don't leave this thing :)

I agree with DDialogue. On eBay, this type of thing can be expected, but here? From a cop? Not what I have experienced at all.

Once, I saw a jacket being listed on the "For Sale" section. O'Neal "Typhoon" enduro jacket, just what I wanted, and the price was right. I e-mailed the owner and said that I wanted to buy it. He asked me what my address was, and I gave it to him expecting him to be determining the shipping costs. Next time I hear from him, he is telling me that the package is on the way, and how did I want to pay for it?

What? You ALREADY shipped it?

Not that I expect that either, but that is much closer to what I expect from my TT "brothers" than what DirtDynamics is describing.

Sorry to hear about this issue, and I sure hope you get taken care of DD.

Drag the Bastard behind his own Patrol Car......

Bonzai :)

Do we know for sure that he's a cop, or is that what is written in his bio here at TT? I could put in my bio that I'm a freakin' supreme court judge, in an effort to give myself some credibility, when in reality I'm a dirtball [thats' hypothetical guys, I'm a real nice guy!] This guy could very well not be a cop at all.

The cop thing is just in his bio as 1st career, male nurse 2nd career. Oddly enough his last post mentioned something about trying to help someone out about a subscription problem. So it is hard to think that someone would offer help (whether received or not), and still be a dirtbag. I'd be POed if I haden't recieved anything either. My PowerNow was sent to me (by another tt member) before my check cleared. Takes trust no matter which end you're on.

I purchased my Baja Designs Dual Sport kit from another TT member. After I spoke with him on the phone he didn't even bother to wait for the check to clear!

Did talk to a guy at work once that was selling his Ducati on ebay. Someone was trying to work the "someone owes me $10000, they will give you a cashiers check and you can wire me the difference" scam. I warned him and told him to make sure it cleared first if he was going through with the deal.

Nothing like a little dirty laundry heh? Sorry DDynamics.....hope this thread helps you.

I also have a good tt'r story. I had posted a question in here a few weeks back, and the same thing..the guy(utvols! thanx Tripp!) asks me for my addy, tells me it will be $50.00 and he will let me know about thing I know I get a tracking # and a note tellin me how much it was. There is no other trust in this world like that. And I dropped my check in the mail pronto. Gotta believe in the good karka thing! :)

I smell a lynching...

Dodger :)

This is how i do online business.

I use paypal for everything. I only use my credit card and at 29 days if i don't have the item i will dispute the charge.That way at least you can get your money back.I hope your able to get this resolved.

It is to bad that because of a few bad apples we even have to look at the good sellers post. :D


Thanks to all the response. I am pretty PO about it. But he’s been damn quiet lately. I went to PayPal and sent him a money request but he has yet to respond. There was no problem with the transaction so his account wasn’t frozen after all. I have made a few transactions at E-bay and they all went well. So I assumed that at TT things would be even better. You guys have been great. From negotiations and price reductions, you all have been noble and upfront. That was until I met Mr. Church.

I expected that from E-bay but even the guys there have all sent me the stuff as promised. Some were late but it was later discovered that there was shipping problems and all the guys were very helpful and corresponded immediately if not to my satisfaction. Anyway, Greg kept telling he’s an ex cop and all so I can trust him and with him being busy finding a new job, I gave in and gave him the benefit of the doubt. That’s about 6 months ago. Now its confirmed that he screwed me over. If any of you guys can get hold of him, see what you can do to get my money back. If not, make sure he gets a good smacking all around. I’m pretty much demoralized and down about SG$300. I am not earning much so thats a big chunk of my monthly pay check that I have nothing to show for. :)

it's a shame that some people use the internet to steal from others, i have over 100 transactions on ebay and have had a couple of misrepresented items that were not as nice as described but no total ripoffs like this guy airstyle.


So where is Airstyle from?

If hes near me I woulnt mind giving him a call so he can give me the money to send to you since he dosent "have time" :)

Oddly enough, Airstyle is a cop. :) He also hasn't posted since April 13 2003. :D :D What up wit dat? :D :D :D I would like to see a retort of some kind too. :D Don't leave this thing :D

Until I hear that there had been a positive resolution to this deal, Airstyle is on IP ban from TT. This means that he can't even look at our site. Cheating a fellow TT'er is nearly unforgivable and I'm not going to put up with this sort of behavior. :D


nice work bryan!

It is nice to see the big dogs gettin' involved!



You are a very patient and wise admin. I am glad that you stepped in. :) I hope that Airstyle got an e-mail from you as well. :D:D

thanks :D

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