Mr. Greg Church aka Airstyle ripped me off. I want compensation.

I made a deal with this Greg Church too. He had some thor gear for sale. I sent him $'s. I waited and waited, 3 months later after i threatened to slam him on "TT", i hear back. He claims his son who shipped out to active duty (military) left my stuff in his (son's) car. The son must have failed to ship it to me. He didn't return any of my PM's or personal email. Greg Church had an address in Great Falls, MT. I'm sorry that i don't have his street address. Maybe someone else here has it and can post for all who were ripped by this lame weenie! Greg if you read this, remember what goes around comes around. May you be eternally roosted on the loser track of life! IMHO :)

Is there any way to track him down through PAY PAL?

My friend bought a wheel from Jeb in KTM. I saw enough posts from JEB to feel comfortable that he had a good product. He was okay with the deal after talking to my friend and I gave him a bio and phone number to back up my friend. It worked for them. Transactions are better with TT guys who post on some kind of a regular basis. I have bought from other TT'rs who post less frequently, but they have been good for their word also.

Out of 20,000 members I'm sure we still run a risk, hoepfully it will always be small.

Well said Burnrider.

And Bryan, kudos for stepping in. :)

Oddly enough, Airstyle is a cop. :D He also hasn't posted since April 13 2003. :):D What up wit dat? :D :D :D I would like to see a retort of some kind too. :D Don't leave this thing :D

Until I hear that there had been a positive resolution to this deal, Airstyle is on IP ban from TT. This means that he can't even look at our site. Cheating a fellow TT'er is nearly unforgivable and I'm not going to put up with this sort of behavior. :D


Thank you Bryan.

BTW, He did get my mail requesting the refund of my money that i sent by PM at TT. As usual he never replied. He opened it at the end of May.

Anyway, i want you guys to read this:

A PM by our dear Greg aka Airstyle

No one can purchase the helmet, because it is lost somewhere in the system. And another thing, I cannot access paypal, because you were beating your gums to the guy that was buying some gear from my son about the problems with the helmet. I was not able to access the internet because my modem was fried and our internet ISP, attbi was bought by comcast and I lost my e-mail capacity until today, so that guy complained to pay-pal and they have frozen my account and the ablity to get you your money back through pay-pal, thanks to your big-mouth!!! I will send you your money through the mail, so when it gets there, it gets there! In the meanwhile, I will file a claim for the helmet. Instead of talking out your ass on the board, why don't you be a man and call me, I have given you my phone number, but obviously, you are too damn cheap/gutless to call. Opinions are cheap, especially on the why don't you keep them to yourself!

Read that Pm. Never telling things in detail. Running from telling the damn truth.

He never tells me how he sends anything out, be it by UPS, USPS or whatever. It is now June.

Been 6 Months, no helmet and no refund. Refund by mail? What did he send? A cheque? A money order? A bank draft? Which mailing company did he send? His Pay Pal is fine cos i managed to send a Fund Request to which he did not respond, (Expected!!)I doubt he'll ever resolve the matter with any integrity. If anyone out there can get a hold of him by phone, mail, personnaly, please get him to give my money back. Its not just the money but i also want him to be a man about the whole thing. Fancy screwing people and then tellin them off. The nerve.

He mentioned giving you his phone #, is there any truth to this? :)

Awwright! let's have it :)

Damn.... That Son-Of-A-Motherless-Goat has an excuse for everything.....

Listening to this low life Reminds me of an old saying I heard years ago...."I am somewhat of a bullshitter myself, but, occaisionally I like to listen to an expert....Please continue.

Bonzai :)

:) This is great :D

DD, you should post his telephone number if he really gave it to you.

Good Luck with this one, what a shame.

He did not give me his number or so he claimed. He rarely replies my mails.Even if he did, it was not filled with any thing i needed to know. I'll compile a list and let you guys see what he mails when i ask for clarifications. You'll be amazed. :)

BTW, check this out. Here is his address:

1612 Sand Court, Great Falls, Montana 59404

Anybody near enought to knock some sense into this guy for me???? :D

His county has a attorney: Mr.Brant Light.

The address is

I'll be dropping him a mail to let him know of Mr Greg and his escapades.....

Updates soon.

I wish I would have known this two weeks ago! Great Falls in not vey big. I would imagine a person could hire a private detective for an afternoon visit. You may have to pay him in goats, but it might be a way to get something going again.

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