2008 YZ450F Stock Clicker settings INFO

I just picked up the bike and want to make sure the clickers are on the stock settings. I dont have the manual yet so thanks in advance.

Also what sag do you guys who run these bikes recommend.

I'm 6.1 185 lbs and a novice rider. Do you guys recommend any settings other than stock. I only ride MX with this bike.

I use MXA's settings for my bike(which they said were for "hardcore MX riding") its not that different than stock

Fork C-12 R-12

Shock LSC-11 R-10 HSC(dial) 1 1/2 turns.

I also run my forks up 5mm, which is about double what the machined line is on the forks.

I run 100mm of sag I don't recommend anything below 100mm but some guys go up somewhere around 102mm-105mm.

Hope this helps and enjoy!

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