09 yz450f exhaust

just wondering what u guys think the best exhaust for this bike would be.. i'd like a full exhaust system that gives it alot more bottom end power but also increases power through mid to top. i've heard the dr.d is pretty good but i don't want to rush and buy it until i can compare it to some others like the fmf factory 4.1 with mega bomb or pro circuit ti-4. let me know what u guys think, thanks.

I think everyone on here swears by the Dr. D system. I got a killer deal on a Jardine full system on eBay, and it is very, very nice. Carbon fiber end piece, spark arrestor, sounds good, and really woke the bike up. I read some reviews that it made the bike louder, but I don't think it is...it has a fuller sound to it, but not louder. I found out in my Dirt Rider that Ty Davis used this pipe on his off road YZ450 in 07, and Dirt Rider gave it a really good review as well...I'm very happy with it.

IMO any open exhaust will be night and day better than the stocker.I have ran the FMF,Dr.D,Yoshimura,and PC pipes.The Yosh and FMF were my favorites but the FMF quality is alittle skeptical.The muffler rivets wear out quick and all the pipe springs get loose and you end up replaceing them constantly.

Dr. D all the way. I have read and read magazine reviews for this bike and they say the dr. d will increase more than all of the other aftermarket exhausts.

Vance and hines took over WB. Check out the aluminum pro 2. Awsome.

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