Got my old BRP back!

The friend I sold it to just could not handle the beast so I bought it back off him. :D He bought a DRZ. :) So now I officially own two of the best thumpers made and can't ride either of them until the clavicle heals. :D I am going to turn the BRP into the killer supermotard machine. Whatchaall think? Here's what i'm thinking...

17" wheelset with red anodized Talon hubs and silver Excells

Avon Supervenom tires

Yoshimira exhaust

blinker set to go with my Baja Designs kit

Braking wave 320mm rotor/brake kit

It's already got a

Summerford Fork brace

Revalved Techcare suspension

FMF red anodized triple clamp with the Magura's off my KTM

200W electrex stator

BD Kit

Can anyone think of anything else or some suggested changes? I think this Motard stuff sounds fun! :D


still down but improving daily

Cool! - what a pal :) - Amazing what being tied down does to ya isn't it? Motards are just plain SEXY!!

Yo Danco! Goin' Mo-Tard on us eh? Does sound like fun! Heal quick, build this sucker and post pictures muey pronto. Can't wait to see your latest creation. :):D

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