oil breather hose leak

hi evrybody, i have a 99-2000 wr 400, wc ive had for about 4 yrs now, and i noticed a small drop of oil dripping from the breather hose after every ride, i usually use it as a dual sport, but have a spare motard set of wheels for the city ride. Anybody have this experience with these bikes, coz ive already had it checked wd several mechanics n they cant find anything causing it, short of opening the ngine and checking d rings and stuff, TIA



IF it's just a few drops, then it's normal, if there is a puddle then you are getting too much crankcase pressure building up. Does the oil level go low quickly ? When this engine is at steady high RPMs it will create more crankcase pressure and possibly cause a slightly higher amount of breather vapor droplets. WR Dave

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