06 WR450 Bar Mount

I have an 06 WR450 that I am wanting to put the fat bars on. I do not like the adapters to put those on as they raise the bars and I am pretty short. Looked last night for a while and cannot find a pro taper mount for a wr, they only list for a yz... Mine is a steel frame 06 with 48mm forks. I would assume the 05 yz450 would be the same, but am looking for insight...

thanks in advance


Jay , I have a 05 wr450. I use tag adapters with pro taper contour, woods low,to deal with the height. I love them. GOOD LUCK

so ..... think about this...

the 06 yzf is factory fat bars, the 06 wr and 06 yzf use the same type removable bar clamp.. the same nut holds the clamps on each set up.. I have found an 06 yzf upper triple clamp and factory pro taper bars used.. I think it should go right on.. the problem with the 06 wr is everything electronics wise bolts to the upper clamp, in this way i could re use that part and just put the bar clamps and bars on.....

well.... as a follow up, the yz clamps are a different size bolt , smaller, and shorter than the wr mounts..(on mine anyway) i guess you could use them, but i don't see how you would ever center them, or trust them. the nut would barely start on the bolt...

i bought the pro taper mounts by them self, the bolts on it were the correct size and just a touch too long. The washer off the stock clamp took care of that... This way i got the pro tapers and kept the factory display mount...


better pix very nice ride satruday...


I know someone who is getting rid of a fatbar setup for an 05 WR if he has not sold it yet.

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