Spoke torque

Hi everyone,

Maybe this is a dumb question:

How do you guys torque your spokes? I cant find a "crows foot" that small for my torque wrench. I checked my spokes last night and found 5 on the back that were kinda loose. I tapped around until I found the one with the highest pitch, then tightened all of them to that same pitch but I dont know if thats even close to the right torque. I saw a spoke torque wrench for 119.00 but I was wondering if somebody made something a little bit cheaper to fit a regular torque wrench.



The place I was describing is in Belleplains State Forest. Its in South Jersey about an hour from me, towards the South Jersey Shore. Probably under 2 hours from you. Its free, nobody bothers you, and you'll see at least a hundred bikes and quads on a bad day. Your kid would love it! There are a few other (closer) pits and woods areas that I ride that would be about an hour from you. Let me know if your interested.


Hey flyinguitars,

You MAY get "even spoke tension" by the "pitch method" but that probably isn't the "correct tension." (approx. 48-50 inch pounds)

I have a review posted on the Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench, Yup it's not cheap but you can't beat it for accurate, even spoke tension.

Check out the review here if you need more info: http://www.fastbydesign.com/reviews.html

good luck and Merry MX-Mas



Hold it Wide...


Hey Mike, I read your other thread describing your riding area. Sounds great and I'm definitely interested. Don't know when I'll get a chance though til after the holidays. I'm currently doing a few things to the bike and my trailer is in storage. I'll get back to you though when I can ride again. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


I have one of those torque wrenches. They are worth it. Don't just tighten spokes in order or randomly, it will not save you from an untrue wheel. You still have to think about which spoke to tighten. But at least you won't overtighten and round your nipples. (Nobody likes flat nipples).

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