YZ426F Question

i was looking at the SCARY FAST POWER PLUS and was wondering if it would fit on my bike and my other question is anyone runnign a jet kit on there 426 on if you are what kind of gains did you notice like speed,power http://www.scaryfastracing.net/4_stroke.htm

Waste of money, IMO. Either item is only effective at up to 1/2 throttle. This is a point they actually mention in their ad, but they zip by it so passingly that you might not notice. In a higher strung engine like a 250F, they can improve the overall crispness of part throttle performance, but they won't do much of anything noticeable for the power output, and will do little if anything for a 426. Some do think it makes the bike start easier, but....

I had the home brew version on my 426 and it did nothing for the bike. That is until the plate somehow got bent in a U shape and made the bike run horribly. I removed it and never looked back.

alright thanks guys thought it wouldnt do anything just going to get the jet kit

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