2000 yz426f fork oil ??

gonna do my fork seals,,,,,watched all the vids and read 100s of posts on here,,,,,,,im a 220-230lb rider and riden desert,,,,

what weight oil and how much in each fork ?? order 1 or 2 quarts ??

Weight of the oil makes less difference than you might think because of how modern suspension actually works, but choose one in the 3-6wt range, anyway. You will need slightly more than two quarts to do the job. Oil level is set by measuring from the top of the tube to the oil, not by volume.

The fill procedure is covered in the manual on page 5-36. Download one here:


They way it works in brief is this:

  1. Remove the fork, and unscrew the caps
  2. Remove the caps from the damper rods and remove the springs
  3. Drain the oil and pump out damper cartridge
  4. Rinse the fork. You can do this by either pouring 8 ounces of mineral spirits into each unit, work it through, drain it out, and leave it hang upside down for 4 hours, then rinse with oil and drain again, OR pour 6-7 ounces of clean oil into each unit and use that to rinse out the old, draining it when you're done
  5. With the springs out, damper and main tubes fully compressed, fill the fork to near the top of the tube.
  6. Work the damper rods up and down slowly several times until the air is worked out of them. Work the main tubes through the bottom 6 inches of travel a few times as well, then let the units stand upright for at least 10 minutes so air can float up and out (be advised: forks like to fall over and spill stuff)
  7. Then, rods and tubes compressed, measure down from the top of the tube to the oil. The standard distance is 130mm, with the range being 85-150.

Higher oil levels will reduce the chance of foaming, but they will also increase the spring effect of the captive air in the fork. Lower levels will make the fork feel more plush, but may allow air into the oil, and lead to fading. It can also increase the incidence of harsh bottoming.

I used to run between 95 and 105 in my '03, which has the same basic fork.

awesome,,,,,,thanx 4 the link,,,,gotta love thumpertalk !!

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