Shelves in Trailer HELP ME INSTALL!!

Just purchased a used Timber wolf 6 x15 enclosed trailer. I saw some great pics of some awesome set ups. This is all new to me. How do you attach shelves and brackets, are the studs metal or wood. Inside has finished walls so I cant tell if they are wood or metal

First look at how the walls are attached if they have screws pull one out and with a flashlight look in the hole...odds are its steel..

Then use where the factory screws are for your mounting points...

I bought some steel wire racks from Home Depot (or was it Lowes). They mount to a vertical piece that I screwed into the steel frame ribs of the trailer. Allows me to adjust height and store a number of things like crates and gear bags. Has worked great for the last couple of years. Here are some pics:



I also mounted two enclosed cupboards up front:


And a rack for Oils and such on the door:


its probably 3/8 plywood on the inside. i put shelves and such in mine with just basic wood screws, just make sure they are long enough to get through the wood but short enough to not puncture the outer shell

Just mount your shelves to the same area the wall paneling screws are. Like said above, pull an existing screw out of the wall and see if it is a self tapping screw. If it is get some more and install your shelving w/ them.


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