adding the extra mini steel clutch plate.......

So as far as i've been reading, the best fix for the stock clutch besides heavier clutch springs, is to add another one of those mini steel plates behind the judder spring... someone please correct me if i'm wrong?!?

I was reading an article the other day, but it didn't really say witch and what specific part # to add......

any help on this topic is greatly appreciated :)

well I know the part #.. just need to know if that is correct to add another plate under the judder spring.... has anyone done this yet? :)

In addition to adding another spring seat, I've also heard of people removing the judder spring to improve clutch lock up, but I've never tried it. What are you trying to accomplish by adding an extra spring plate behind the judder spring? Were you experiencing some kind of problem or just trying to improve the clutch action or ??? Just curious...

The plate that is added is another metal plate just like the other 7 (I think there is 7). I used one from a XR600 clutch stack that was still good. The extra plate is installed first with the judder spring seat and spring installed on top of it. Then install the rest of the clutch stack like it was removed. Actually the whole stack is installed like it was removed, with the addition of the extra metal plate. Now the judder spring seat will wear on the new plate instead of the clutch basket. The friction disks will able to wear to their service limits.

For some reason i'm still a bit confused... I mean, it makes sence, but doesnt, sorta... :D because the last friction plate, ( the little one) is confusing me, do I have to find a steel out of an xr 600 that is the same small inside diameter as the "smaller" friction plate? sorry for all the confusion.... I wish I had a microfiche photocopier, then I could just post it up here....

or is it just another steel like the xr allready uses, tucked in the back?

anyways, to answer another question above, when I bought this bike the clutch was allready slipping, and before I bought it, I had done tonnes of research, and read that the stock spring were a problem, so now I have a brand new clutch sitting here and some heavy duty springs on the way from xrs-only... I want the best possible clutch action since this bike is going to be motarded and on the pavement... anyways, thanks again for all your answers to my confusing questions.. :)

The friction plate has nothing to do with it. Remove entire clutch stack including judder spring and seat. Install METAL clutch plate (can be from XR650R, XR600R doesn't matter they are the same). Install clutch stack as removed on top of this extra plate. This adds preload to the springs. The heavier springs aren't even necessary. The Scott Summers article was stating that it seems that Honda left a part out of the stack. This makes perfect since because with the addition of the metal plate the clutch stack still fits in the basket. The friction plates as a whole can now wear an additional amount equivalent to the thickness of the additional plate. After they wear this additional amount, the spring preload will be the same as original. This assumes no heat distortion.

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