rally guard mounts

I saw these rally guard mounts on Yamaha's website accessories section but the dealers I called say they are not yet available. Yamaha's part number is GYT-5BE54-40-MT. Apparently its not in their computer system. I really want a pair as I think this is a much better way to mount hand guards, especially if you have Protaper bars. It seems like alot of the stuff shown is made by other companies (DSP,etc). Has anyone seen these things anywhere else?


opps lets try that again...



Very cool. How much? Cycra makes some very similar for about $50.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

Thanks FOX426! I checked Cycra's website and the do have something similar. They don't have them listed seperately though, only with their handguards for $108 (not bad, but I already have handguards). Did you see them in a shop sold seperately? Yamaha's are $52. Thnks again.

Give cycra a call. I have seen them sold seperately in some of the mail order catalogs, like Comp. Acc. or maybe Chapparral. I think they were $50 or so.


The world loves talent but, pays off on character.

Hey guys,

Just thought I would throw this in.

I have heard that if your hand slips and goes forward, it can trap your arm between the bar and hand guard, which will snap the bone if you dismount from the bike.

It would be cool if these had a break away that gave before the bone did.

Use with some caution.



I always thought that “bark busters snap wrists” was a bit of an urban legend (but what would a hick like me know about anything urban? :D ).


Thanks for the Yamaha USA link, I hadn’t seen that one yet. Given your recent experiences I am surprised to see you promoting Yamaha’s YZ/GYT-R accessory product line. You are a true blue brand loyal fella :)

I wonder if those will work with the stock top clamp? The (very similar) top clamp Cycra mounts that I have are too deep (or wide) for the stock clamps. In other words, they will not mate flush with the clamps, they are wider than the mounting area on the clamps. If that still ain’t clear, too bad, that’s the best I can do. :D (wow, three smileys in one post. How gauche!)

Incidentally, IMO the best thing about these mounts (or my Cycras) is they give you 100% clearance for your brake MC and hyd. line (the “normal” bar mounts were in my way here). But Cycras aren’t notched like these, that seems like a better idea.

I can’t remember what mine cost but knowing Cycra they were probably more than $50. I also paid like $80 for the GYT-R thumb lever.


I love it, makes on-the-go, save-that-stalled-thumper bump starts much easier, but their profit margin must be like $65. It did come with a sticker though (resisting temptation to insert smiley # 4).

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