?'s about re-assembly of WR426

So I pulled the tranny on my 01 apart on Saturday due to 5th gear being out. Turned out to be 3rd and 5th pinion gears and a badly worn 3rd shift fork. I'm waiting for the parts to arrive and doing other small things like cylinder hone, valve testing and even some frame touch up paint. So my questions... What is the recommended head bolt torque? What bolts need loc-tite? What else would anyone recommended looking at before I button it all back up?

Sounds like you need a manual - it's ALL in there.

Keep the cam caps a little on the lower side (about 10%) when it comes to torquing them down and make sure you torque everything using the correct procedure, just torquing things up to the recommended value in one shot is a big no-no.


Before you put the hone to the cylinder, you may want to be sure that the cylinder isn't nikasil plated. Honing a plated cylinder won't help your rebuild last very long. WR Dave

I asked about the nick-seal before I got it honed. It does have a nick-seal but I was assured that it wouldn't cause any problems. I trust the guys I took it to.

Matt - Thanks for that link. I knew there was one out there on the web somewhere.

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