Thinking of trading 2010 yz250f for 2010 yz450 need advice

Hello everyone

I've been riding yz250fs for the last few years but lately i've had the craving for more power but is the 450 going to be too much power? am i better off just trying to get more power from the 250?

Basicly i'm just trying to get an idea of what its going to be like stepping up to a 450 as i've only ever riden yz250s and yz250fs and i do pretty much 50%track riding and 50% trail/forest riding, i'm not worried about the track riding but how do the bigger/heavier 450s handle the tight forest tracks?

I've had a lot of people tell me don't buy a 450 they are too powerful and too hard to ride on trails but are they really all that different to riding a 250 2stroke on a trail? Another one that people have told me is that you have to be riding all the time or you'll have to start from scratch everytime you get on it, in summer i ride most weekends but winter is coming fast so might only ride once a month does that mean i'd never really get the hang of the bike?

Basicly any insight you guys can offer will be of great help


My 09 450 is excellent on single track!

No complaints from me about a 450 in the woods, though there are times when its really tight and technical the 450 seems to be a bit of a handful. See if you can find someone who will let you ride their 450, then make your decision.

A 450f is going to feel much heavier and less nimble in low speed single track. Even more than the 10 or 20 lbs weight difference because of the rotational mass of all the 4-stroke parts (especially over a 2 stroke). And you'll never need the hp of the 450f.

I do a lot of forest single track. Used to ride my CRF450. Then I picked up a wr250f. Much more fun! If the trail's really tight, my wifes ttr230 is even better still. Actually, if it's downhill, my ATB is the most fun. See a trend?

You can't really have a great bike for both track and trail. So I also have a YZ450 for racing MX. Just got a 2010, but haven't ridden yet!! But my buddy, who works for yamaha usa, and was always a fan of 250fs for MX, LOVES the new '10 yz450 as it is nearly as nimble but much more power (his words).

I'm sure you'll adapt in any case. So decide which is your first preference. Or, have two bikes! I do :banana:

I hear the riding in NZ is really awesome. Have fun.


I think you will have to find one to ride first. I have a '10 YZF450 and i reckon it is awesome and 95% of my riding is tracks and trails on the rocky mountains of central otago. I have come off a KTM exc400 which i loved but other than the high gearing and electric start i don't find too much difference in the size.

We had a day trail ride down in Tapanui last weekend and there were lots of forest sections and i thought my bike was great, it has a awesome standing position too. I swapped onto my bro's '05 kfx250 for a while and didn't think there was much difference in size while riding, just missed the 4th gear wheelies i couldn't do on it.

If i had one complaint, and i think it was the same for all the 450 boys, was it was dewy in the morning and some of the climbs were 75-80 degress straight up and about 100m long. the back tires spun up too easily where as the 250 boys didn't struggle as much.

Still, ride one first before spending $13k

Cheers for the info guys, i'm going to go look at one tomorrow see what i think.

I really like the way the 2010 250f handles it just lacks punch

I've raced yz250f's pretty much since 01. This year was my first 450.

Its different, but only took me 3 rides to get back up to speed. Its WAY more powerful, but you soon get used to it. It demands a little more respect and concentration as things seem to happen a lot quicker! Much less gear changing, riding is a lot less frantic. Steering is miles better than my 06, no comparison, and I really don't notice the extra weight.

i reckon it depends on the size and weight of the OP. If your 6ft and 90 kilos, go the 450 :banana:

i reckon it depends on the size and weight of the OP. If your 6ft and 90 kilos, go the 450

lol thats a really good guess i'm actually 6,5 92KG

Yeah well ummm went to the yamaha dealer today and ummm yeah picture kind of speaks for itself :banana:


Yeah well ummm went to the yamaha dealer today and ummm yeah picture kind of speaks for itself :p


So what do you think of it?

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