Residue coming out of engine breather hose

So I was workin on the bike last night you know, adjust, ride test, adjust, ride test, a few times for short durations. parked the bike overnight at about 30 degrees or so, a little cold, and the next day there was this somewhat thick milky white residue on the ground directly under the valve cover vent hose or whatever its called. what the hell could it be??? please dont tell me water....

Sorry, it's water. :banana:

Not to worry, though. You started and ran the bike there is your balmy 30 degree Canadian weather, didn't let it warm all the way up, and then shut it off. Now you have condensation built up in the breather hose. No biggie.

If you pull the dip stick and find the oil looks normal, you're more than likely OK. But if you're still worried, loosen a drain plug and slowly open the drain just a little to see what the first thing that comes out is. If there's water in your oil, it will be at the bottom, and will drain before any oil shows.

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