how many still on stock clutch?

I'm still on mine, but I need a winter project. How many of you are still using your stock clutch basket? And for a Hinson, who has the best price? Tanks...

Merry Christmas


I just took apart my '00 clutch, and the basket and hub are still in excellent condition after one year of riding.

The clutch basket on my '00 426 was in excellent condition, so I removed it and made it into a clock (because it has twelve tangs). I was going to post a picture of the clock a few weeks ago, but the developers messed up the film.

I installed the Hinson basket because it has slots in the tangs to provide more oil to the plates, but it has not completely solved the grabby problem, only improved it. Why some have problems and others don't is still a mystery to me.

I ride my 00 426 every weekend and a few cc races and haven't replaced mine yet. I did break my rear hub a couple of weeks ago- loose sprocket bolts.

The clutch in my 00 426 seems be working fine although it only has about 15 rides (all MX) on it.

I'm also currently replacing a rear hub that broke due to the sprocket coming loose. Hopefully I won't have any clutch problems because I can't afford to fix after replacing the hub and getting a new chain and sprockets, although it sounds like Yamaha actually stepped-up and replaced most clutch failures free of charge...if they'd only do the same for the rear sprockets coming loose ! Enough bitchin.....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!


One year on my 00426 stock clutch still fine. I attribute this to Honda HP4 semi-synthetic oil and rarely using the clutch.


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Installed the Hinson about 2 months ago as insurance. The stock one looked pristine.

I went for 9 mos and about 12 hare scramble races on my stock clutch. Upgrading to a Hinson now for the new season.


John E. Walker


70+ hrs of mx, and 50+ hrs of sand on state trails, still my stock clutch, works fine but has grabbed when cold first taking off since day one. my sprocket bolts also came loose but I caught it before it damaged hub. I love the bike. thinking of sending my forks to mx-tech, they seem to sag and are weak in the middle of the travel, they seem to blow right through the mid-range. has anybody used mx-tech? good results?


mike- I had the same thing with my forks, I raised my oil level with great results so you might try that before you spend too much money on them...


I don't use the clutch very much, but at 163 hours on the bike it still feels great. Did a physical check at 121 hours and all looked well.

I was thinking of switching as well, but since I don't race, I think I'll just wait for this one to wear out or fail.

8 months of MX abuse on my stock clutch and other than being a lil grabby from day one, alls still well (knock on wood).


i have a complete hinson clutch assembly. its a work of art. a little tricky to install. but its head and shoulders over stock. stock is good. but if you want the best go for a hinson. killer. my stock clutch blew up. causing 2000 of engine work. wont happen again. hinson.

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