Time for a new complete clutch

I'm replacing my entire clutch, its wobbling on the gear and notched, and the plates are burnt black. I have found I can replace the basket with gytr and use OEM inner hub and pressure plate for 237.76 or full gytr for 479.88. I'm thinking about OEM or gytr clutch plates and springs. Is it worth the price difference to go with full gytr parts? Is there a performance difference with the gytr clutch cover?

Its for an 07 yz450f

There is a distinct advantage to a good aftermarket basket because they are harder and less expensive than using the complete drive gear/basket assembly from Yamaha.

The OEM boss, OTOH, is so much less expensive than the AM piece that any advantage the AM unit may have is more than offset by the 4X higher price.

The pressure plate is a little more vague an issue. in older models, the AM plates are stiffer and perform better, but not so much on the '06 and up.

But you say "its wobbling on the gear". What part is wobbling on what gear?

I can rock the basket back and forth when I hold the big gear on the back of the basket in place.

By the big gear I mean the Primary driven gear in the manual.

That condition will not be changed by changing to an aftermarket basket. If there is a problem with the torsional cushion in your primary driven gear assembly has excess movement in it, you need a new OEM unit.

Have someone look at it. A certain amount of movement is normal.

What would you say is a normal amount of freeplay?

FREEplay? None. Movement under force? Depends on the force involved and the direction. Have it looked at.


Are the hinson cushins the same thing as the oem cushions? Thats what you are saying may be worn out, right? Im wondering if I order some of AM cushions if I could use an aftermarket Gytr/hinson basket?

Neither Hinson nor Yamaha sell the internal cushions as serviceable parts that I'm aware of. Beat up cushions allow excess rotational play. The ability to tilt the clutch basket off-axis relative to the gear speaks of bearing wear within the unit if it is excessive.

Have you had it inspected?

Its probley toast, but I may take it in monday and have it checked out. Theres one real motorcycle mechanic around here. Hes super busy. However, I can get the whole brand new oem clutch basket with gear for five dollars more than just the GYTR basket. Also, I can tilt the unit off axis with minimal force.


Hinson does sell the cushions.They are right around $30.


Hinson does sell the cushions.They are right around $30.

I checked the online catalog before I posted and didn't see anything listed. If you have a link, I'd appreciate it. Frankly, I think it's great that someone makes these available.

That would take care of the rotational slack, but the control of the axial position of the basket is a structural thing between the driven gear segment and the hub segment the basket rivets/bolts to, so that is what needs to be examined.

Grey do you think it would be a better idea to go with the oem unit in this situation, wear, cost?

Depends on its condition. Sounds like it could be.

what is the part number of the hinson clutch cushions? I know there not on the hinson web site but I may be able to find them at another location.

No available cushions means oem basket for me.

Call hinson.They may have another solution for you.

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