Don't know what to do???????

Hello all. Ok here goes. My 01 WR ran flawlessly until I decided to put on an after market pipe, after a-lot of thought I went with a CRD pipe. I didn't change any jetting, and I knew I would be a little rich because previously I had the stock pipe unplugged.

This was in December and throughout the winter and average temps were 30s-50s F the bike ran well. Then in march the bike started running funny. I was fouling plugs after two or three rides hard breathing and backfiring loudly. So I changed my main jet from a 158 to a 155. This seemed to cure the problem for about another month, and then I started fouling plugs again and having a sputter or cutting in and out from ¼ to ¾ throttle, so I thought It was do to the temperature increasing, so needless to say, I tried about everything I could think of to fix this problem, including a $80 trip to the local dealer, still didn’t fix the problem.

So I got fed up and put my stock pipe on and Set the carb up accordingly. The bike ran great for about 10 minutes then started sputtering in the same throttle range and started back firing and eventually died.

Now I think that my problem might be electrical. I was wondering if any one has had a similar problem? My spark plug wire is very hard to pull off of the spark plug, and get back on. I have had to pry it off a couple of times.

Anyway I am really frustrated, and don’t know where to go for help, since the local dealer couldn’t even fix it. I would appreciate any help advice, or there might be a WR for sale soon.


Sputtering and fouling the plug in the 1/4 to 3/4 range seems to me like you are too rich in the mid range. Try lowering the needle and see if it improves. How does it run WFO? Have you done the ACV mod? If so, the EKP needle might not work for you. I have done the ACV mod and the EKP needle will make my bike run way rich and foul plugs. The poster formerly known as LarryCO and I have discussed this and found out that the only mod difference we have is the ACV. Hope this helps.

Heh Wicked...I'm still around...not like I fell off a cliff or anything... :D Like the "formerly known as" thing though...wonder if a new signin name to TT can be that long... :)

How's things back home? Sure do miss it a lot... Heading back that way this weekend (Steamboat, actually) for some fly fishing. Started tying my own right before I left CO and havent got a chance to see if they'll even catch fish yet.

On a riding note, I havent got ANYTHING worked out locally in Minneapolis regarding riding areas yet. There's a YMCA camp about 5 mins away from me with trails (they occasionally run harescrambles there I hear)...but havent been able to meet the camp manager yet to find out if it's cool to ride there or not (dont want to until I get permission).

Anyway, thought I'd drop a life update for ya...


Things are good here in CO. The weather has been really nice except it is still very dry. It's supposed to get into the 90s today :). Hope the YMCA deal works out for ya. Have fun in Steamboat, catching a fish with your own flies that you tied is pretty rewarding. :D

You are right, that's exactly what I thought. So I moved the clip one position up, rechecked, moved the clip up, better, just backfirred alot more, So I went to a 155 main, same problems, 152, same problems. That's why I went back to my old pipe and jetting that worked flawlessly for almost a year. This is why I took it to the dealer, they worked on if for two days, and didn't fix the problem, that is why I think it might be an electrical problem, I sereously don't know where to turn for help. Anyone have any I deas???????????? Why would previously flawless jetting suddenly not work??

i would now try elimination, if your sure the carbs clean and you cant find the right jetting you need a buddy with the same bike who is prepared to test your cdi unit for you, no point trying a new one on your bike unless you have no option cos u need to know if the jetting is at least close to see if the new cdi cures the problem. (plus you wont want to buy a new one just to see of the old one is knackered)

also get your coil checked. (again if you have a buddy with a bike that works who is prepared to test your coil for you)

check all your wiring, connectors, broken wires, the kill switch..

the dealer i go to for bits etc is quite friendly and he would let me test my cdi or coil etc on one of his stock used bikes, just some ideas, hope they help..

btw i know you can electrically test the cdi and coil, but sometimes with an intermitent fault this is the only way to know for sure they are working.

Cnacc,make sure the plug is in good condition when trying to sort the carb set up,as an almost fould plug can give you major sore head(the plug will play tricks on you and misslead you),you mention the plug cap is hard to remove!,i have to lever mine off too,check the plug cap for a split in the rubber,this happend to mine(caused by levering it off)the cap split where i put the lever under it and would not start for me(the split must of let it short out because i fixed it up with a little rubber sealant and it fired rite up)i would recomend you check for this incase it is making your bike missfire?.also check the carb breather pipes for a blockage,and keep the filter clean!,dont loose heart cos someone on TT is bound to be able to help you out :)

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