Help with Devol radiator guards


I'm hoping some can help me out with what I have here. I had a 2001 WR426 (F?) for a short time which I sold a few years ago. I was cleaning out the attic yesterday and came across a plastic bag with the contents shown in these pictures. I'd like to sell these to someone who could use them, but I'm not sure what I have and/or I am missing and I'm not familiar with the parts to know looking at the parts list. If anyone can help me out with identifying things from these pictures, I'd really appreciate it.




Thanks in advance for any help!

Those are the stock "wings" that direct flow over your radiators. They come off when you install a set of DeVol (or most other) radiator guards. Don't know what they're worth, but I would guess not much...

Thanks Birdy! That makes sense because I couldn't make anything out of the parts list and these pieces that made any sense to me.

If anyone knows what a fair value for these would be, i would appreciate that info (even if it means I should just toss them in the trash.)

Put them on the free to a good home page, I think just about everyone who has a liquid cooled Yamaha has a set of those in their garage. If you do find a buyer let us all know so we can sell ours too. :banana:

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