Rampart Range Poker Run

On June 8th. Who's going? A buddy of mine and I will be there. :)

I'm thinking pretty serious about working this event, perhaps riding the one in the fall. Hope to see ya there!

I'd love to go but, my son is racing (SRAC) on that day so I guess I'll miss this one. :D

Good luck, have a great time. :)


I can't make it but some of my friends will be down there. I'd still like to hook up with some of you guys.

What ever happened to a Colorado TT ride? Was anything decided on?

I will be there!!! I broke down and put numbers on the WR just so I could find and be found easier. (and Harescrambles/enduros) My best friend just bought an 03 DRZ400, and we are going to break it in right!!. If you see a WR426 with #713 on black backgrounds, chase me down (should be easy) and say HI!!!


Yo! I'll be out there this week. Give me some details about the poker run. The number on my bike is 315 with Thumper Talk graphics on the front fender.

Thanks from Devo

You can find details here http://www.rampartrange.org/pages/pokerrun.htm

It's a good time and about the only time that 98% of the traffic of the trails is motorcycles and going the same direction. Conclusion... You can haul a$$ and not worry too much about head ons. :)

Thanks for the link! I'll be sure and check it out!

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