Got my bike today!!

I just got it today, im waiting for my skidplate, handguard,programmer.... I plan to keep my good old yz250 too. I cant wait to ride ride it next weekend.





Ill post a review after the break in and suspension adjustement!

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Very nice! I'm kinda taking a shine to the white this year, but I really think Yamaha should have gone with an all black seat cover.

Very nice, good job! How soon before we see a shot of you and the bike 30' in the air???

Welcome to the 2010 club!.... nice bike! bet ya cant wait to get it on a track.

thats badass

looks good congrats! hmmm the white color is looking pretty good...

Get some soft scrub with beach, your gonna need it.

Nice bike, mine should be here next week.

Regarding the programmer, is it the free one that came with the bike? My dealer said he sends paperwork to yamaha after its registered and I should get it within a month, thought that was kinda crappy but its free so take the good with the bad, just would have thought it would be shipped with the bike.

Yeah my dealer said me the same thing... he said me they do that because yamaha want to be sure the bike is really sold while their special offer. Thats lame to wait but i would have paid for one so im not complaining

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