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RMZ 450 front fender/number plate... revisited...

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I bought a new 2010 RMZ 450 front fender/number plate for my 2002 RM250 (when it gets here) and mocked the setup up on my 1998 RM250.

I think it looks really good, I really prefer the lines of the new fender over the old one. I still dig the old style and that's probably why I'll keep it on my 1998, but the new style makes the bike look much more aggressive IMHO.

As far as making it fit, it is very easy - Take the fender, drill the two front holes in their stock location, and bolt it up - The number plate seats in the fender on the bottom, and bolts to the stock location up top. Very easy.

...the not so cool... There is a fairly noticeable gap between the forks and the number plate - So much so that you can see a lot more than you could with the 01-08 style. That, and when you look at it from the side, you can see the original bottom mounts pretty easy, and it just doesn't look good... But, from every other angle, I think it looks pretty nice.

[EDIT] One other thing to try it basically to elongate the existing rear holes on the fender (before drilling the front) and slide the fender itself back a little - That will lessen the overall angle/gap that you see in the pics - I was looking at GP199's pics and his setup doesn't seem to do this, but I think my quick fix will make it look a little better. Just can't go too far otherwise I'll rub the frame.

I took a lot of pics, located here:

http://s201.photobucket.com/albums/aa211/dante04srt/dirtbike/rmz fender

...and here are some of the better ones:





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