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yz426 rebel 250 chopper battery help

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Ok so i put a yz426 engine into a rebel 250 frame. I put in a wr450 stator and did the pink wire mod (not sure on the color). So i rode it around just fine for a couple months with no battery and now my fans for my radiator and my headlight burnt out. So i figured maybe it got messed up because of the wrong voltage. By the way the stator wire is ran through the rebel regtifier thing to give my dc power. So since i blew up the lights and fan I decided to add a small 12 volt dc scooter battery. So I hooked up the + on the lights to the batt but the new lights did not work till i disconnected the grounds from the frame and hooked them up to the negetive on the battery. So now the way i have it ran is negatves to batt and positive from the rectifier is a T to the lights and one to the batt. So now the lights work but if i disconnect the batt positive the lights wont work with the bike running. So i think maybe i have to take one of the grounds off the frame and hook it to the battery negative so that the lights will work if the batt is dead but i dont know what one. Oh and by the way, does anyone know where to get a fan for my radiator? I used to small computer server fans but i figure there must be one meant for a bike somewhere.l_4410e0950e284668af6e53dd79f0899b.jpg

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