Issues with Cold start on my YZ426F

Herd this was the place to find help, I just bought a 2000 YZ 426F, All around it seems like a great bike, but when I try to start it when it is cold she takes forever to fire up. I did my research on the Edelbrock carb and did notice that the carb I have does not have an Enricher Lever or a choke and from my experiance you kind of need either one correct? I need some knowledge from all of you can you please give me some tips and advice on how to get this bike to start on 1-2 kicks instead of 30-40. Thanks for you help.

All 426 have both hot start and a choke on the stock carb. But 30-40 kicks - you probably have valve issues, need to rejet, need a new spark plug,... or just don't know how to kick it right.

All 426 have both hot start and a choke on the stock carb.
He already said he has an Edelbrock carb, which has neither of these features.

Here's 2 much better videos on the starting process, although again, he doesn't have a stock carb.

Proper technique will help, but cold starting is going to be tough without some enrichment. My advice would be to ditch the Eddy and buy a good used '05 or later YZ450 carb. I just sold one to another TT'er with a 426, and his feedback was that the bike never ran so good.

Awesome thanks for the input on the 05 YZ450 carb I will deffinatly check that out.

'05 or later. The TT classifieds or eBay are your best choices.

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