Installation of Flywheel Website

Hey Roostn,

Where do ride at? And are you ever looking for people to ride with? I have no friends and dont much like going alone. Just wondering. Great web page for the fly wheel.


That makes it look so easy. Does anyone want to do that for a Top End?

Marty, we may be going to Rampart on Saturday now as it looks like Friday is going to be rainy. Not sure on the time yet, probably around 11 or 12. If you can make it let me know.

What did the flywheel cost and where did you get it. thanks mike

Roostin, we'll have to hook up sometime too. I can't make Sunday, have to work. Can you ride Saturday at all? If so, let me know. I always park at the Sprucewood. should be there between 11 and 12.

Roostn and Dougie,

Im up for both days ill be putting the new bars on tomorrow so ill be ready, Roostn Ill email with more ??'s like where rampart is and stuff, hehe, and where that place is you want me to meet you at.


Marty, SUre let's ride. Rampart on Sunday, meet at the Sprucewood at 9:30 and we'll peel out. Email me direct at and we'll work out details.


Mike Dean: I bought it from Steahly Offroad and I paid $199 + $10 for the flywheel puller. I ordered a Kona tool today for $35 to hold the flywheel in place during tightnening. Go figure thought, I forgot to apply LocTite Red so I get to practice the install all over tonight. Someone on the list had a 12oz weight for $100 the other day. That would be the way to go.

I also bought a new flywheel key and gasket for a total of $7. I never used them though. I'm going to keep them as spares.

Roostn in Denver

Loctite red is High strength and in the red tube and vicious stuff. I tell everyone to use Medium Strength for a easier time of removal in the event that it needs removing. :) If the flywheel company recommends it, I would go ahead and use it, but Red Is pretty damn hard to remove once installed. I dont personally care for it mainly for that reason, and Ive never lost a bolt with the Medium (blue).. Green is wicking strength, and pretty light. Good for small fasteners.

Just my .02 cents.

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