Knee braces....who's the best ?

I was curious to see how many out there were

wearing knee braces, and to see which were the most comfortable.I have narrowed it down to 2 different braces, the EVS rs6 and the

XO-skeleton. The XO weighs in at $750 dollars and the EVS is about $400 buckaroos.

Which is the best ? I have no injuries, but I would like to avoid any with the best that technology has to offer. I'm looking mainly for protection.

Thanks, Jason

I used to be into freestyle skiing / jumping and blew out both knees. My left had reconstruction in '88 and my right I blew out in '95. Obviously that was it for downhill! I got into x-country skiiing in a big way after ( mostly skate ) and I use a Carbon fiber / stainless brace from Innovation. It is worth about 1500.00 canadian. I refuse to use this brace for moto as I want to keep it it working order for skiing. Please let me know hat you find / decide on as I will be purshasing a set ( left / right ) in the spring when snow melts. I think weight training / stretching is a must also, especially for those of us in their 30's on up.

For Dirtbike riding I have heard great things about the Fox setup. I know that it runs around $100.00. I had a cutom one made for me by the local Physical Therapy/Sports Doctor that cost me around $2000.00. But it fits perfect. But here is a pic of the fox one. It is called the Fox Exoflex Kneebrace.



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XO-Skeleton without a doubt. It is by far the best off the shelf knee brace you can buy.


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jaybird67k & Hugh LePage

If you guys want some testing info on the XO-Skeleton, I did a review on their product last month.

Check it out here:

I am also in the over 30 age group, and would not ride without knee braces.

I have also tried the Fox Exoflex Kneebrace

and its a good product for the price, but like many other things in life, you get what you pay for.

Hold it Wide...



Hold it Wide...

I sure appreciate it guy's

Thanks for all the info. I guess I'd better go work some overtime to get those braces.

Thanks, Jason

Beaumont, TX

I have a pair of the EVS braces and I love them. They are a bit tough to fit under standard riding pants though. They have become a part of my gear like a helmet... After you get used to them you feel vulnerable without them. Must be an age thing. The older I get the more gear I feel is necessary!


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hey jaybird67k,

XO-Skeleton also has the Guage Knee Brace and its very similar to the Rage but it's about 200 bux cheaper per set.

Happy New year All!



Hold it Wide...

Thanks Smitty, I went on ahead and ordered a

set of EVS RS6's for now, but if I dont feel

comfortable with them I'll try to sell them at a reduced price and get the XO skeleton's.

Later, Jason

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