ICO Checkmate Sensor

I have a 2008 wr 450 and I'm setting up my checkmate. Looking for ideas on the magnet / sensor placement. The way the bottom of the fork is stepped down it I'm having hard time finding a good spot to mount the sensor. And has anybody mounted the magnet on the disk using the mounting tab ?


I used a rotor bolt magnet from trailtech. $8 and better than gluing your magnet to the wheel.


If your 08 WR has the same lower as my 05 YZ, I just trimmed the outer side of the bracket, drilled 2 holes to mount the bracket to the lower pinch bolts and bent the bracket so it lays against the fork protector. Aligns right up with the rotor magnet. I can take a pic tonight if it would help you.

That would be great if you could send a picture, I'd like to see how you did it. And thanks for the link. I don't like gluing them to my wheel either.

Here you go.


Where's the magnet ?

what magnet did you order from trail tech -part #

Why can't you drill and tap a hole in the caliper bracket and screw the sensor into the caliper bracket or mount and not use the sheet metal bracket? The trail tech magnet bolt is the way to go


Where's the magnet ?

what magnet did you order from trail tech -part #

I can't remember which part number it was, but I called trail tech. and told them what I was up to and they send me an assortment. Seems like it was about $13 with shipping. Alot easier way to mount and it seems to work just fine. Magnet bolts through one of the holes in the disk.


I played with the sensor mount and broke it in 2

$15 x 2

I saw a pic on another post that was tapped to the caliper

but ICO sells the mount so

OH WELL:bonk::thumbsup:

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