XR650L suspension

I'm considering buying a XR650L. I've read a lot of old posts and some mention adjusting the suspension for heavier riders. I weigh 275. Can this be done with the factory equipment or is after market equipment needed? How much extra would it cost if the after market stuff is needed?

405GR, You would need to replace at least the front springs and most likely the rear with aftermarket. I'm not sure about the ballpark cost maybe someone else here will chime in. Although If I were going to re-spring I would also look into the Racetech Gold valves, but I guess it depends on the type of riding you will be doing most.


It really depends on the type of riding you intend to do?, and how much money your willing to spend

Thanks for the replies. I would be riding mostly logging roads and pavement. I would hope it wouldn't cost much after the original purchase just to do that.

If you are staying to the logging roads and pavement try cranking some more preload into the rear,Note; you'll probably want to up the rebound dampning setting also. On the front try some air to increase preload, at 275 you'll probably want a stiffer spring but try the cheap way first you may be happy with it.

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