Pro Taper AE70??

So I'm looking to get a set of guards for my handle bars.

The current bars are not the stock ones, and were put on by the PO..

They are Pro taper bars, and from the markings on the bars, appear to be a "AE70"

Tried searching on here, found next to nothing, and on google, I only find Mountain Bike sites?? :banana:

So 2 questions...

- Whats the deal with these bars?

- What do I need to know to get a set of full wrap around "Bark Buster" style guards for them?


I dont know what AE70 is but Pro-Tapers are bad ass.

What year is your bike? My 07 has stock protapers with handguards.

It is a 04, and I know they come with protapers, but these are not the stock, original ones, they are wider, no "crossbar", and, are gold in color....they kinda look like the "EVO's"......

The only real markings I can find though is "AE70", and a search on here brings me only ONE hit:

All other hits on google bring me to a mountaun bike

And it refers to a "Easton EA70 Monkeybar", which, actually, looks a LOT like mine, except color....'08.html

Easton is "Protaper", my bars DO say both "ProTaper", AND "Easton" on them...

The "pad" on the clamps for the bar is a "Protaper" pad/cover...looks like all the other protaper pads/covers, and it also says "EA70" on it.

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