Buying a xr650

Could you guys give me some advice on the xr650r. My brother is looking at getting one. How would it compare to my uncorked xr400? Is there anything he should look out for on the 650? He found a used 2000 xr650r for $3200. He wants to know what the top speed is and how much hp and torque they have. Thanks for any help.

Compared to the XR400, uncorked: An uncorked 650R is so much more powerful than the 400 it's not even funny. Next question...Ok, Look out for loose spokes, loose kickstart lever, loose right footpeg bolts, and a missing upper subframe nut. Lock them all with blue locktight. The engine is bulletproof however. Next question......3200 is fair if the condition is good and time is fairly low. Next....Top speed, uncorked properly: 96-100mph depending on wind, rider weight, altitude, and riding surface. Next question... HP, uncorked, about 55 at the crank at 6750rpm. Torque, A WHOLE LOT!! In fact, it's absolutely absurd at low rpms.. wicking it open at low revs will put you on your ass if you're not used to the power. Power is delivered super strong in the low range, and lower midrange. Tapers off in the upper midrange, flattening to nothing much on the top end. These bikes were made to produce ungodly amounts of low end torque, they do not rev high.

Just so you don't scare the poor guy. The XR is all that smashinz2002 says it is but it's not unreal. You can ride it like an old lady or a bat out of hell. It's good usable power. :)

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