milky white fluid under my bike

I have a 2007 yz450f that i just purchased privately

i rode it around the block a few times and parked it

next day white stuff underneath coming out of the biggest drain hose on bike

worried i bought a lemon

checked rad fluid not low and oil not white

any suggestions

funny, same bike, same problem here. its just water mixing with your oil. that hose is a vent/breather for your valves and head. if you tib your bike over oil will pour out. if you dont run the bike long enough in the right temp, condensation will build up in the hose and mix with a little oil in there and create that milky white shat. or a little water got up there. its no big deal. unlessss.....check your dip stick. or slack your oil drain bolt ever so slightly til a little oil pours out if you want to be 100% sure. if it looks like normal oil youre fine.

As forklord said, it is oil mixing with condensation in the hose. Only happens on mine if the oil is overfilled.

thanks guys for your input

i will check drain bolt and let u know

oil all clear thank you for the advice

mind at ease now

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