Another Make-Over Post with Pics and Specs

Hey guys, it's been a while but I thought I would post some pics and specs from another makeover I did to my 2006 YZ450f. If you click on "My Garage" you can see the different makeovers from blue to white to black...I have pics of all three she's had in the past four years.

Anyway, I don't see many black YZ' thought I would share :lol:

This was for the 2010 Adelanto Grand Prix

- New radiator (fill side)

- New radiator louvers (going to use RID dye to dye them black)

- DID ERT520 Gold Chain

- Tag rear sprocket for Adelanto - (47 tooth) 2 less than stock

- Tag rear sprocket for MX - (49 tooth) - stock

- Tag countershaft sprocket (stock)

- Tag countershaft sprocket - (14 tooth) 1 more for adelanto

- Acerbis chain rub

(stock gearing is 13/49, I'm running 14-47 for Adelanto, equivalent to about 4 teeth change)

- Full Cycra vented BLACK plastic set: front fender, rear fendor, shrouds and number plates -- never had a black bike...going to try it :banana:

- DecalWorks full background kit with airbox: white backgrounds, black numbers with black, gray and metallic gold color scheme

- Rockstar Energy black and metallic gold radiator shroud graphics

- DRD/ENZO racing fork guard vinyl and rear fender vinyl graphics

- Sunline MotoRay rotating handguards (black)

- The ignition cover, clutch cover and aluminum chain guide is off to Embee Powder Coating for a matte black finish ($80) for all. Which is a deal considering it's more than $80 for one cover!

- Dunlop 756 front and rear tires


Check off list






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Pics don't work for me :banana:


Damm Good Job. Thats sweet.

Looks real good!

Somebody is going to say that the black looks freestyle, or something, but I like it.

Very Nice!

Wow, I'm normally not a fan of black bikes but that looks great! Very well done.

I agree Gray about the freestyle thing but that is one sharp looking Yamaha!

Good Job!

Looks great. Let us know how the black plastic holds up. I heard it looks old quick.

Looks really nice, black and gold go well together

that looks really nice man. yeah let us know how the black plastic wears, if it keeps looking good. I have been considering switching my bike over to black.

Yeah man, that looks SWEET !!!!!

I really like the white board idea for keeping a track of your running maintenance. No way to forget anything doin that. Very nice.

Thanks guys!

I've only had three rides on the black plastics so they still look good. I've also heard they don't last very long. In contrast, my white plastics survived at least a year or about 35 rides...12 races and quite a few dirt samples. I don't expect these to last this long but it was time for a different flavor.

Looks great! Nice work. Also like the shelves you have in the garage. What size are those holes?

What size are those holes?
As long as we're off topic, let's ask that question about the silhouette taped to the cabinet.:banana:

I'm not a fan of energy drink graphics, but I like your bike.

New radiator louvers (going to use RID dye to dye them black)

i used Rust-Oleum Direct to Plastic Textured Paint for these in flat black. Worked really well and has held up for 6 months with no chips or white showing through.

What gearing combo are you running? That rear looks small. . .

You guys are funny...

The silhouette holes are courtesy of a Les Baer 1911, .45 hand held a 25 yards. A fine pistol indeed.

Thanks for the tip on the louvers, I never got around to RID dying them so I may try the paint you suggested.

As for the gearing, stock is 13/49 and in that photo I have 14/47 for the Adelanto Grand Prix race.

Here's a quick 4 minute video of me racing the bike with gearing at the Adelanto Grand Prix this year:

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