2010 fi maintanence

ive read thru the manual but dont remember seeing it in here(does not mean i missed it tho) but as far as maintaining the fi system for winter and such. this wont apply this year for me but i just wana prepare for next year. ive always drained my fuel tanks in the past for winter, is this still ok with the fi system? and as far as the throttle body nd injectors, should i be cleaning them ever? with carb cleaner or somethin else.

I don't have any experience with fuel injected dirt bikes, but I used to own a fuel injected CBR600. I put some fuel stabilizer in the tank and let the bike run for a few minutes. I also filled the tank all the way to the top (to minimize the condensation and also keep the steel tank from rusting). I would think that the same process would work for fuel injected dirt bikes....

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