how to install headlight 95 yz 250

would like to put a light on a 95 yz 250 was told by locall bike shop maybe if i can find a stator of a 90-95 wr 250 it might fit in .I was hopeing to take a light probe and find a hot wire and hardwire it.i dont want to install a batt.i had a rmx 250 no batt with headlight back in the day.anything would be helpfull at a dead luck yet even finding a wr 250 bike.thanks chris

You need a lighting stator. Moose makes one for the '95. I cant remember who carry's it though. The TT store might or DK, RM, Bikebandit Ect...

Ya i have bin emailing the techs back and fourh and fond out they have the parts to put a light on starting with 1996 yz 250 mine is a 95 ,just missed it .does any one have any other ideas, or if the wr stator works from same year as long as it has a light.thanks for the heads up on the moose.

Maybe i should just tape a flashlight to my front fender.

A '96 flywheel, stator, cdi and wiring harness will work on your bike.

Oh and the flashlight thing.....been there done that. dosen't work that well.

a 94 -97 wr 250 stator plate assembly will work wonderfully also. should be still available from Yamaha if you want to drop the coin for new. Funny thing is that they where cheaper than buying a yz stator assembly which is same thing with not lighting coil.

find a junk ignition coil unwrap the wire from it and wrap approximately 320 complete turns of 18 gauge magnet wire around it....... that is only if I remember right on when I tried to bump mine up.

If i try to bump it up ,what eles will i need ,i have a light with 2 small 35 watts am trying to make work.

this is from memory so take it for what it is worth,,, you will need three coils , source coil and trigger coil for the ignition and you do not mess with those but there will be mounting posts for the lighting coil. The lighting coil mounting posts are the same as the source coil if you have a junk source coil and you rewrap it to try and provide 12 volts with as much amperage as possible it the space limited. I do not know what a source coil is if you just try to mount an extra source coil for the lights. I had a wr250 that had the 3rd coil for lights plus I had a junk stator assembly for a yz, what I did was cannibilize the yz source coil for extra "armature plates?" ,,I also unwrapped the original lighting coil counting the wraps . If I am not mistaken the more wraps in a magnetic field raises voltage but the more wire getting passed by the magnetic field once raises amperage. so I stacked the armature plates as much as I could to physically fit and wrapped the plates with the magnet wire more times than what I counted unwrapping.

assembled and took a test reading of voltage which was way too high so I would unwind a few wraps which would drop voltage and since you have the same amount of magnetic force surrounding less turns in the wire that would raise amperage until I found a happy medium of as much amperage and voltage I could squeeze out of the limited space. run a voltage regulator so you don't pop bulbs at full throttle.

I used a rectifier since I wanted a batterry to comply with D.O.T. regs and needed a battery but I could never get rid of the "clipping" the strobe like effect of my headlight at low engine speeds I wonder if I left it as alternating current would have prevented that

this was all trial and error with no knowledge of electricity but if I remember right about 320 coils of 18 gauge wire that is it's own coil separate from the ignition coils should power a light. I can't remember what wattage bulbs I used.

The coil in the electrix link is the easiest way to add depending upon the demand you need

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