2001 drz400e Carb-Fuel Issues?????

I have recently bought a 2001 DRZ400e that had been setting for over a year. I took the carb off and cleaned all the jets and everything on the bottom of the carb didn't take off the top. It will start up with choke on and if I keep a little throttle it will put around the yard but tries to die without constant throttle input. It has the snorkel off and here are the jet settings: 150RD, 65 and 45. Any ideas were to go from here, I did mess with the fuel screw but put it back where it was originally but it never ran before so I don't know if it was right in the first place. How many turns out should I do, 2 1/2, 3 or 3 1/2. I just am really anxious to get this thing running, from the little I have rode it, it has tons of torque, I am excited but disappointed because I thought a simple carb cleaning would fix it. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sounds like the slow speed circuit is still clogged

take the carb out again make sure the pilot jet is 100% clean (or buy a new one) also take off the removal bell from the back of the carb the left side jet goes thru to the pilot jet and that goes thru to the idle screw and that goes to a port in front of the slide make sure no gunk is clogging up any of that

fuel screw stock is 1.5 turns you'll probably be 2-2.5 turns out

Pilot Jet is CLOGGED. Buy a new one (I run soft wire thru mine I know I know)

OK, I cleaned the carb again and everything looked clear, I took off the bell off the back of the carb and cleaned those jets, it starts with choke on and will run constantly and will go around as long as I give it a little throttle, but dies when it tries to IDLE. it will absolutely not IDLE without the choke on. I thought I might need to adjust the throttle cable or the idle speed, but when I turned the idle speed I couldn't notice anything. Could it still be the jets and if so where do I buy jets, my local Suzuki shop said they couldn't get them. Can I buy a whole set of jets for this carb?

It is your pilot jet. You say your local shop can't order you a pilot jet? WHOA!

Thank you very much you guys I will get a new pilot jet and others if I can get them while I am at it. I only was able to ride for a little bit but damn that torque is crazy, I think these things should have a warning sticker on each handlegrip!!!

Your dealer said they cant get you a pilot jet?? Where is this place? Tell them to do their job and look through the Parts Unlimited or Turner Rocky catalog easy as that.

I called and talked to one of the sales people and he 1st said he can't get them and then he said he could order them in 5 packs and then said he didn't know for sure if they could get the 5 packs so I am nervous about ordering them from them. I will call and talk to their parts manager, hopefully that wasn't him I was talking too. They are usually good but on the microfiche they list 4 carbs on my 2001 so maybe he just didn't know.

I assume I just say it is for a Keihin FCR39 right? On Suzuki Parts Warehouse their microfiche say either "K4 for E33" or Model "Y/K1/K2" does it matter or are they all the same? And also it is a FCR39 since it is a 2001E Stock carb correct?

give the retards this suzuki part #09492-45038

Will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

My bike says 2001 drz400e, then on title it has dk433. How many different models did they make and what the hell is mine?! Thanks! The handbook just says e.

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