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New Member Looking at Used Bike (DRZ400S)

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So I'm going to look at a used Suzuki DRZ400S 2005.

What I know:

  • 6,000 miles (~500 dirt)
  • parked in 2006, with gas, until 2009.
  • in 2009, bike got new battery and new gas.
  • bike runs on full-choke but won't idle without the choke on.

Of course I have a few concerns and questions, but would appreciate any input on other things, notorious or obscure, to look for:

My first concern is gas sitting in this tank! These are metal tanks, true? Is there any hope of examining the bottom of these DRZ tanks from the filler port?

Any estimates on how long it would take to pull this carb., fully clean, and re-install?

Aside from the standard stuff, suspension leaks, brakes, steering, and dry-root rubber; are there other notorious DRZ400 issues to check for?

Thanks much.


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Not DRZ400S specific but . . .

Fuel tanks will rust a bit and cause problems with clogging up carb. You can remedy this by adding one of the clear plastic inline filters with bronze element.

Carb needs to be cleaned. Pretty simple, disassemble, blow out all orifices with carb cleaner, reassemble.

There is a DRZ400 specific area.

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Hey welcome to TT, but unless your bike was ridden by Obama, has fluoride in the tank, or is listed in the health care bill, you might want to post your question here https://thumpertalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=25.

This is Town Square, where the crazes hang out and offend/bitch at each other. The link i posted will get you the right answers.

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