FWW for 2009 YZ450

I'm trying to find one and could use any help. I ordered the 9oz from the local Yamaha shop a month ago, was told yesterday Yamaha says the end of May before they will ship any.

Can anyone help me locate one or source one froma another vendor?

Please help!



Did you try Stealthy Offroad??

Thanks for the tip guys. I had tried the Steahly website a month ago and it didn't work. I called the number and talked to a fellow on the phone and he was somewhat disinterested with the whole affair. Now the website is up I may use them...although their price is about $40 more than Yamaha. At least you can get one though!


Steahly is good, i ordered one and got it sent over here. complete flywheel not bolt on weights.

Trailtech also make some, have to check their website if there is available for your bike although i think yamaha is the cheapest

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