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New to the forum, and new to dual-sport, looking at a DRZ

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So I'm going to look at a used Suzuki DRZ400S 2005.

What I know:

* 6,000 miles (~500 dirt)

* parked in 2006, with gas, until 2009.

* in 2009, bike got new battery and new gas.

* bike runs on full-choke but won't idle without the choke on.

Of course I have a few concerns and questions, but would appreciate any input on other things, notorious or obscure, to look for:

My first concern is gas sitting in this tank! These are metal tanks, true? Is there any hope of examining the bottom of these DRZ tanks from the filler port?

Any estimates on how long it would take to pull this carb., fully clean, and re-install?

Aside from the standard stuff, suspension leaks, brakes, steering, and dry-root rubber; are there other notorious DRZ400 issues to check for?

Thanks much.


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The faq thread at the top of the forum will tell u the few issues and easy fixes with the bike. U can pull the fuel valve off the bottom of the tank to check that out. The drz is known for being dependable but who knows what kind of shape the motor is in after sitting that long.

All depends on the price

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If you are offering like $2500 go for it. A couple of hours, some new jets and it will be fine. A full tank with stabilizer in the gas is better than an empty tank. Moist air getting ot the bare metal =RUST.

On the other hand its a good excuse for a Clarke.

6k is just getting broken in the DRZ world. You will want to add case savers, rad guards and the MCCT.

Go for it!

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I took a look at this bike yesterday. Bike is adult owned, but was set down on the road. Likely in 2006 when it was put up until now.

  1. Bike started, using a jumper battery.
  2. Engine only runs on full choke. Putted through the neighborhood and the engine felt good.
  3. No obvious oil leaks, engine or suspension, although I didn't pull the fork covers.
  4. No obvious water leaks.
  5. Inspected the tank from the filler cap, it looked clean as far as I could see with a flash light, which isn't far on that tank.

Here are my observations and OEM cost:

Obvious Needs: ($650)

Missing front fender $70

Bent Right Lever $10 - accident

Bent bars $80 - accident

Trashed grips $20 - age and accident

Right side turn signal $45 - accident

battery $77

chain $85

sprocket $40

seat $220 - owner dis58hed the foam, which I don't need at 6'6"

Possibly needs: ($1020)

carb $385 - there are 5 different OEM options here (13200-29FB4) but I assume that an assembly includes all the bits and pieces and would be a bolt on.

tank $550

Fuel cock $85

Cosmetics: ($115)

Head light cover $58 (+$35 decal) - currently hand painted black and drilled.

L & R Frame covers $80 - hand painted black

The seller is asking close to Blue Book, which is way over reaching.

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Man, some of those prices you quoted are extremely high, must have been from a dealer. Since you're still on the hunt, there are much cheaper alternatives, all as good or better than stock, for new and used parts. For instance:

- I have a factory S model front fender (ugly) in great shape that I'd give away if anyone actually wanted it. Aftermarket fenders are less than $30 and usually look much better.

- Pro Taper or Renthal bars, which are much better than factory, are about $60.

- An SDG replacement seat is only $135.

- It's doubtful you'd need a new carb. It sounds like just the pilot jet is clogged on that bike. A replacement jet is less than $10.

- Used factory tanks can be bought for less than $100. I've seen them for as little as $50. A new aftermarket plastic tank will be less than $300, and some are closer to $200 depending on the make.

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