Aftermarket BRP clutch basket

Hey all, does anyone know if Hinson or Barnett makes a basket for the BRP. It looks like they make a kit on the Barnett site but I can't find it in any of that catalogs or websites. Anyone running one? The reason is guy who had my old bike lugged it alot and he seized up the clutch. Rally weird actually. I pulled it apart and found the outer was stuck to the inside of the outer basket. I had to force it out with a socket and hammer. It had scratches on it around the first 1/8". I rubbed it out with emory cloth and now it fits back in but I'm worried about specs. Can I get away with buying another outer guide or should I get the basket too? Any thoughts? Thanks.


Are the scratches you're talking about on the inside of the clutch outer piece where the judder spring and spring seat were supposed to be?

Make sure while you're in there to update to the newer style clutch bushing if this bike is a 2000 or 2001 XR650R. It takes just a second to replace it if the clutch is already out. The Honda PN# 22116-MBN-671 gets you the newer bushing and its inexpensive. The old bushing has 2 holes drilled into the center groove and the newer bushing has those same two holes, but also two additional holes closer toward the outer edge and the edge is more chamfered as well. I know Barnett makes clutch plates and friction discs, but I don't know for sure if they make complete baskets. My guess would be they do. Barnums Pro Products was talking about selling some type of 'super clutch' for XR's the last time I spoke with them, so you may want to contact them as well.

Qadsan the clutch bushing your talking about is the outer guide I'm talking about. That's what the manual calls it. It has a groove in the middle with two tiny holes. I assumed it heated up and swelled. I got the scratches probably from hammering it out. The outer hub/basket is fine. I'll order the part and put it back together. Thanks brother!


That's a known problem with the older style of bushing (or outer guide as Honda calls it). Once the clutch starts to becomes grabby, then it 'might' not be long before that bushing siezes to the shaft. You're lucky you got it out with some hammering cause sometimes is welded real good on there and then you have to replace the shaft, which wouldn't be too fun. Honda updated this piece on all 2002 and newer bikes. The only other big thing they updated besides graphics was the countershaft seal, so its good to keep an updated one of those on hand for 2000 - 2001 XR650R's that never had it changed out. The newer countershaft seal has a thicker lip and is Honda PN# 91205-MBN-672.

Thanks qadsan! Ordered the part yesterday.


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