carbon removal

hey guys to TT, hoping someone can help me using oven cleaner safe for cleaning the carbon from the valves,exhaust ports and combustion chamber on a 06 yz 450 ann. edition.not sure about any special coatings it could destroy.thx in advance for the help

WD 40 will remove the carbon. Just fill the head with WD and let it soak overnite. Learned this from a very reputable drag race motor builder. Worked great on my WR 250.

I also like putting sea foam in there, it eats away at the carbon.

oven cleaner worked fantastic on my old yz 250 power valve(it was like brand new when i was done).i"m just curious obout using it on my 06 yz 450,is it gonna ruin my valves and or valve's pretty powerfull stuff

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